Coaching or counselling: what's the difference?

As a counsellor, I will walk with you on your journey to greater wholeness and emotional well being by taking a close look at past events in your life, especially those related to religious ideology or similar beliefs, and the impact that they are having on your life currently. It takes time, insight, and effort to break free of fundamentalist mindsets. While we may have successfully broken away from religion, we may still hold to rigid thinking in other areas of our life. Anxiety, depression, sexuality, relationship issues, and communication problems may be addressed in our counselling sessions, in addition to other themes.

As a religious trauma coach, I will work with you to clarify current and future goals as you transition from religious to secular life. This may include exercises related to values clarification, as well as determining your personal strengths and areas for improvement. We will discuss personal power and practical steps to rebuild your life and find new communities. 

Whether I am acting in the capacity of coach or counsellor, my platform is undergirded by competence, compassion, deep listening, empathy, and a firm belief in your ability to be fully functional. My desire is for you to grow in self-awareness, self-trust, and inner-directedness.


I consider the transitions we face, and our ability to move through them successfully, to be of paramount importance.

In addition to being a registered professional counsellor, I have experienced many challenges and transitions of my own, including the life-threatening illness of a child; changes in deeply held spiritual beliefs (religious deconversion/deconstruction); and issues related to aging,

divorce, sexuality, self-esteem, and more.

Understanding grief and transition allows us to practice the mindfulness essential to enjoying life on a moment-by-moment basis. This includes becoming mindful of the attachments that we hold - and ensuring that they never hold us.

While my counselling style tends to be person-centered and existential, I am comfortable integrating various philosophies and techniques to best serve my clients. Listening deeply to your unique view and desired outcome is the cornerstone of my practice.

I am committed to self-growth and professional growth, and will take every opportunity to increase my knowledge base in order to serve you better.

There is in the worst of fortune the best of chance for a happy change
- Euripides


Whether you are in the midst of crisis and desperately seeking a firm place to stand, or you are finally ready to make your move and simply need help plotting your next steps, you are in a powerful place: The threshold of change!

In order to achieve success, your greatest asset is the courage to be vulnerable, willing to explore your weaknesses and build on your strengths. If you are ready to undertake an expedition inside yourself, bravely peering into both your past and your potential future, a healthy new world awaits you!

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The beginning is always today. - Mary Wallstonecraft


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