Panorama Counselling Services

Janice Selbie, RPC

Registered Professional Counsellor and Religious Trauma Coach


If you are facing a crisis, you have come to the right place. Loss and transition are painful, unavoidable companions in life. How we cope with them, what we learn from them, and our ability to grow as a result of them can shape the course of our lives.

One of the greatest losses we can face stems from the loss of our belief system, particularly related to religion. People are generally religious because they are born into it or joined during a vulnerable time in life.

As children, we lack the ability to critically evaluate the claims of religion; we only know that we want to please our caregivers, which includes adhering to their religious views. In adolescence, there is tremendous pressure to conform. Toss in emotionally charged youth group services or church camps, and "getting saved" is largely predictable. Adulthood also comes with great vulnerability, including: Being alone in a new city, getting married, divorced, having children, losing a job, health concerns, and addiction. During these times, we are desperate for relief and help. We crave certainty, security, and order - and religion promises these in spades. 

I know this because I lived it for over 40 years as a devout religious fundamentalist. Now, my passion is to help others recovering from religious trauma syndrome (RTS)

​I am happy to announce the launch of my on-line interactive workshop DIVORCING RELIGION, for rebuilding life after religious fundamentalism. Please click here to see my new Web Page